Company policy


m8体育Costacurta S.p.A. – VICO aims to pursue business continuity through a vision that prioritises strategic development that is sustainable in the long run, within its working environment.

The company shall seek to develop, taking into account business risks, partly by careful diversification of products, the sector and the geographical markets served.

It shall implement whatever is necessary to ensure that customers view Costacurta as a “best in class” supplier, not only because of its high-quality products and services, but also because of its contributions to improving their market competitiveness, using its specific expertise.

It shall open-mindedly assess all growth opportunities and, having weighed up the level of risk, pursue those that might contribute to long-term development and “going concern”, seeking as far as possible to combine company needs with the interests of stakeholders and of the local area, while adhering to guidelines on: social sustainability, limiting environmental impact, safeguarding the company’s staff and products, and complying with the law with regards to corporate/environmental/safety activity.

It shall consistently invest in the continual improvement and innovation of products, services and corporate and production processes, and dedicate some of its resources to researching how the above have been implemented in innovative industries with great potential for growth; industries that demand certain elements which, once introduced, can benefit from the skills already existing in Costacurta.

m8体育Being aware of the decisive role that people have in achieving company goals, it aims to offer m8体育 intense training in order to improve the skills required for carrying out assigned tasks, and also to promote an awareness-raising process that increases everyone’s effective contributions to the continual improvement of the business environment (quality/environment/safety), aimed at: Customer satisfaction, increasing environmental performance and awareness of health and safety aspects in the workplace

Managing Director    
m8体育 Dr. Eng. Paolo Mondello