Code of ethics

m8体育Approved by the Board of Directors on 30/3/2018


The purpose of this Code of Ethics is to formalise the principles of conduct that Costacurta S.p.A. – VICO (hereinafter the Company), since its establishment, has considered to be of primary importance, basing its activities on transparency and correct conduct towards all stakeholders.
Without prejudice to the fact that in all its activities the Company works according to the inalienable principle of compliance with the laws and regulations of the countries where it does business, through this Code of Ethics the Company aims to underline the principles and code of conduct that has traditionally guided its business.
With reference to the specific provisions of Italian law, this Code of Ethics introduces binding rules and principles for the Company for the purpose of reasonably preventing the crimes referred to in Italian Decree Law no. 231 of 8/6/2001.
m8体育 Compliance with the principles contained in this Code of Ethics is required from all those who in any capacity may collaborate in the Company activities.

Field of Application and recipients
General priciples, principles of corporate responsability and code of conduct for managing business
Relations with the Public Administration
Donations and acceptance of gifts or other benefits
Administrative management and accounting
Diligence in the use of the company assets
Protection of computer tools
Human resources
Dissemination of the code of ethics
Application of the code of ethics
Violation of the code of ethics and consequences