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Reactor internals

Costacurta has specific experience over a long period in the construction of reactor internals for catalytic reforming units, isomerization, synthesis of ammonia, hydrotreating, hydrocracking, urea and methanol synthesis. Reactor internals are manufactured in accordance with the specifications of major Technology Licensors. Costacurta is included in the list of recommended suppliers of the major Technology Licensors for non-proprietary equipment and is also the strategic partner of several Technology Licensors in the manufacturing of proprietary equipment. Costacurta will continue to collaborate with processing and engineering companies by placing its experience and know-how in production and mechanical sizing processes at their disposal during the development stage of new products. This collaboration comes together in feasibility studies, creation of prototypes and constructive suggestions aimed at quality improvement and product cost saving. In addition to the development of production and technical skills. The capability of managing complex projects, the focus on utmost quality and confidentiality are at the heart of Costacurta’s reactor internals business division.

Radial and down flow internals
Reactors used in the chemical, petrochemical and refining industries have different flow directions. This flow may be radial (Radial Flow) or vertical, downwards (Down Flow). Costacurta has developed extensive experience in the construction of Radial Flow and Down Flow reactor internals.
Radial flow reactor internals

m8体育In the typical configuration of a Radial Flow reactor, the reacting gas is conveyed radially on the catalytic bed through perforated plate distributors (scallops) located along the reactor walls or through the slots of an outer basket.

Down flow reactor internals

In a typical two-bed configuration of a Down Flow reactor, the reacting liquid is distributed, using an inlet diffuser, on the liquid distributor tray underneath.

Other types of internals
This family of products includes some internal components similar, for their construction characteristics, to those previously mentioned but which cannot really be classified as reactor internals. Some examples are: edged wire cloth panels used in the polyester production process; special perforated trays for absorption and distillation columns; support grids for tube bundles and embossed plates for heat exchangers; support grids for molecular sieves; embossed and slotted trays used in copolymerisation processes.